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Online Staffing & Recruiting

200.00 /Per Person
  • Our online platform streamlines offshore staffing, attracting top talent worldwide. Services includ...
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Affiliated Workforce Solutions

600.00 /Per Person
  • To enhance the range of services we provide to our clients and increase their flexibility in accessi...
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Guarantee funds

300.00 /Per Person
  • Guarantee Funds: Secure your workforce's financial stability with our one-month advance salary secur...
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Affiliated Training centers

100.00 /Per Person
  • Our affiliated training centers in the Philippines offer a range of services for remote job candidat...
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Affiliated Test Centers

100.00 /Per Person
  • To provide our clients with more options for candidate testing, we offer the services of our affilia...
  • These centers provide a range of services for remote job testing, including:
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Office Based Staff

500.00 /Monthly
  • When providing dedicated offshore staff at our office-based location, it's important to ensure that...
  • Some of the facilities and tools that will be provided include:
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Fully Remote Staff

200.00 /Monthly
  • Discover the power of our platform's advanced tools for efficient onboarding, project management, an...
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Hybrid Staff

300.00 /Daily
  • Experience the power of flexible work arrangements with Offshore Hybrid Staffing. We offer a dynamic...
  • Here's what makes our hybrid staffing solution stand out:
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Employee Of Records ( EOR)

200.00 /Monthly
  • If you have a team or existing employee that you'd like to onboard to our facilities, or if you're i...
  • Our Employer of Records (EOR) provides a comprehensive range of services to businesses that employ o...
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Meeting Room

30.00 /Per Hour
  • Experience hassle-free, flexible meetings with our meeting room rentals, available by the hour. Whet...
  • Key Features:






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