Affiliated Test Centers
Affiliated Test Centers
Affiliated Test Centers

Affiliated Test Centers


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To provide our clients with more options for candidate testing, we offer the services of our affiliated Trade Test Centers in the Philippines.

These centers provide a range of services for remote job testing, including:

1. Technical and Skills Assessment: a range of technical and skills assessments to test candidates' knowledge and abilities in their respective fields. These assessments can include computer-based exams, simulations, and practical exams. 2. Language Proficiency Testing: language proficiency testing to assess candidates' proficiency in languages required for the job. 3. Personality and Aptitude Testing: provide personality and aptitude tests to evaluate a candidate's behavioral traits and aptitude for the job. 4. Proctoring Services: To ensure the integrity of the testing process, our affiliated Trade Test Centers also provide proctoring services for remote exams, where a proctor will monitor the candidate during the exam to prevent cheating. 5. Test Administration: our affiliates can also administer tests on behalf of the hiring company, managing the entire testing process from scheduling to grading and reporting. 6. Test Development: develop customized tests tailored to the specific needs of the hiring company, including questions that assess the skills and knowledge required for the job.

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