Online Staffing & Recruiting
Online Staffing & Recruiting
Online Staffing & Recruiting
Online Staffing & Recruiting

Online Staffing & Recruiting


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Our online platform streamlines offshore staffing, attracting top talent worldwide. Services include:

1. Utilizing our platform's advanced tools: companies can effectively onboard their newly hired candidates by creating and adding team members and managing their projects and tasks, live camera feeds, live desk view, and more all within our software functions. This empowers companies with full control and the ability to monitor and manage all offshore staff movements 2. staffing quality assurance of replacement: We provide our clients with a staffing quality assurance that includes a 1-year guarantee of replacement. In the event that a newly hired staff member decides to back out or discontinue their employment with your company during this period, we offer a completely free recruitment service and will provide a replacement staff member. 3. Job Posting: Companies can post job vacancies on our platform, complete with job descriptions, required qualifications, and application instructions, among other details. 4. Resume Database Access: Our platform provides companies with access to our extensive resume databases, allowing them to search for potential candidates based on specific criteria, such as education, work experience, and location. 5. Applicant Tracking System: We also offer an applicant tracking system that enables employers to manage the entire hiring process, from receiving applications and shortlisting candidates to scheduling interviews and making job offers. 6. Employer Branding: We offers employers branding opportunities to showcase their company culture, values, and benefits to attract top talent. 7. Analytics and Reporting: Through our platform's analytics and reporting tools, companies can track important recruitment metrics, such as the number of job views, applications, and hires, helping them to make data-driven decisions and improve their hiring process.

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